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Soffit / Fascia

Soffit / Fascia

For proper air flow into the attic, Triple Pine Roofing will install and or replace all new vinyl vented or solid soffits for the under eaves. This helps to prevent mold and to lower your energy bill in the summer, allowing your attic to stay cool; it also helps extend the life of your roof ensuring your sheeting and shingles can breathe easier.

The fascia wrapping can be done on all your wood trim, gables, and face boards, using on site custom bent aluminum trim to perfectly fit what you have. The soffit and fascia are maintenance free products, and covers the old fading wood trim on your home, as well as keeps your wood trim from rotting.

To ensure the best Lifetime Warranty for your new roof, we recommend a good air flow through your attic with vented soffits. Most homes are already equipped with vented soffits, however if you’re unsure if your home is, we’ll come to your location for a free non-obligated estimate and inspection, to help you determine what’s needed for your home.

Triple Pine Roofing also installs baffles for attics, to help proper air flow to travel through the attic. These baffles unblock the proper air flow caused by improper installation of your attic insulation. This is an inexpensive procedure.

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Soffit / Fascia